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August 2020

The film I won 2 Best Supporting actor awards in and numerous best ensemble nominations is now on Amazon Prime. It is definitely at least PG13

August 2020

NPR Long Island

Did an interview with NPR about a film I was in. Click on NPR you want to give it a listen.

January 2020

Best Supporting Actor

Won Best Supporting actor 2 times for role in 'Vicky's Not Here'.  Independent Shorts and Index Film Fest Best Supporting Actor Winner

Sept 2019

UGA Agency

Signed with UGA

' Capulet (Jack Sochet), mumbling in the beginning and spinning into violent rage once he hears that his daughter loves an enemy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Juliet’s parents (Kendra Lee Oberhauser is Lady Capulet) portrayed as three-dimensionally as they are in this production.' 

'And Jack Sochet gave me chills as the livid Capulet, threatening to disown his daughter one moment, only to find her (seemingly) dead the next. A father’s remorse at being unable to take back what he said was etched on Sochet’s tortured face.'

August 23

Exeunt Film

Exeunt screening at NY Latino Film Festival Sponsored By HBO

July 15-20th 2018


At the Access Theatre

July 2018

Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night in Bryant Park on the Stage.

July 2018

Best Revival of a a play nomination

The Jewish King Lear was nominated for Best Revival of a Play from the NYIT Awards committee.

July 2018

Emerging Talent Agency

I have begun working with Emerging Talent Agency

May 2018

The Jewish King Lear Review

"The magnificent production directed by Ed Chemaly should help restore interest in this variation on Shakespeare’s tragedy. Excellently cast, it suggests 19th century Yiddish theater at the same time as having the actors speaking in English in the 21st century."

May 2018

The Jewish King Lear Review

".. the superb new Metropolitan Playhouse production of Jacob Gordin’s The Jewish King Lear." Tablet Magazine

May 2018

The Jewish King Lear

In production of The Jewish King Lear at The Metropolitan Playhouse in NYC till end of May

March 2018

Working with UGA Talent

Have started working with UGA Talent Agency

March 2018


'And the company’s secret ace is the protean Jack Sochet, whose several roles include Jericho’s pal, Tynk, an amusing criminal who isn’t above murder. Toggling between comedy and cruelty, Mr. Sochet displays an easy agility.'

Jan/Feb 2018

Jericho by Michael Weller

At The Wild Project

Oct 2017

Ginger Dicce Talent Agency

I have added a new member to my team- Ginger Dicce Talent Agency

Winter 2017

'The Mess He Made'

A short film I was in played in South By Southwest Film Festival in Competition

OCT 2017


Booked and shot a role on Gotham

May 2016

Going to shoot feature in South Dakota in August

May 2016

'Turnings' Film

Film 'Turnings' I was in received Jury Award At Columbia MFA Film Festival

April 2016

Ingber And Associates

Am now working with Ingber & Assoc for commercials

Jan '16

Trailer for Walk In Winter with James Franco. Click and you will be sent to trailer

Dec '15


Shot 'Hope' Where I played alcoholic father.

Oct 2015


Shot cool role in very interesting film.

June '15

NY Times Critics Choice

Cora And Dave Are Getting Older. I played Dave at Ensemble Studio Theatre 

Oct '14

Booked play- Incongruence

Performing Nov '14 at 4th St Theatre NYC

Sept '14

Booked play- Beneath My Skin and Behind My Eyes

At The Secret Theatre Oct '14

June '14

Signed with Andreadis Talent Agency Inc - NYC

Contact # 212.315.0303

June '14

Emmy Nomination

PSA I was in was nominated for an 2014 Emmy

May '14

Shot music video

Played publisher

April '14

Booked SAG-AFTRA Film

Shoots August 2014 

March '14

Signed with Josselyne Hermann & Associates

Contact # 212.355.3033 

February '14

Booked lead in play at Cherry Lane Theatre NYC

'Sonnets On Tap'

January '14

Shot TV/Webseries pilot titled 'Rolling'

Played Brittish Director

Dec '13

Excellent review for performance in 'Save Me'

Dec '13

Wrapped Re-Shoots for BLACK MIRROR

Thriller Indie Featue

Nov '13

Wrapped shooting AGAINST THE ROPES

Oct '13: Wrapped Shooting MR HAZEL'S GARAGE

Sept '13: Booked Lead in MR HAZEL'S GARAGE

USC MFA graduate film, directed by Sasha Flamm 

Sept '13: Booked Role of 'Brack' in SAVE ME

Contemporary stage adaptation of HEDDA GABLER, directed by Valerie Rachelle, opening November 2013 in Hollywood. 

Sept '13: Booked Lead in A BOXER NAMED LESLIE

Short film, directed by Vishnu Perumal

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