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Some Awards and Reviews:

   * "to Capulet (Jack Sochet), mumbling in the beginning and spinning into violent rage once he hears that his daughter loves an enemy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Juliet’s parents (Kendra Lee Oberhauser is Lady Capulet) portrayed as three-dimensionally as they are in this production.  

                  * review of Romeo and Juliet - Click on text for link

   * "And Jack Sochet gave me chills as the livid Capulet, threatening to disown his daughter one moment, only to find her (seemingly) dead the next. A father’s remorse at being unable to take back what he said was etched on Sochet’s tortured face."

                     Reviews FromUnderground - Click on Text for link

   * " And the company’s secret ace is the protean Jack Sochet, whose several roles include Jericho’s pal, Tynk, an amusing criminal who isn’t above murder. Toggling between comedy and cruelty, Mr. Sochet displays an easy agility that this production could use a lot more of."

                   NY Times review of Jericho - Clink on text for link


* And Jack Sochet also turns in a riveting performance as Jericho’s manipulative partner        in crime Tynk.

                * of Jericho

  • "You hang on every word said by the remarkable Sochet as Baby Face Martin.  Though far too young for the role, the explosive actor mixes brimming anger and vulnerability so deftly he gives the character a great deal of nuance and even charm."

    • Backstage review of Dead End

  •  "Sochet provides an uproarious turn as the sly and seductive Satan."

    • Backstage review of The Last Days of Judas Iscariot


  • "Sochet, who plays the glad-handing, petulant Satan, is an immensely talented actor…."

    • LA Theatre Review of The Last Days of Judas Iscariot


  • "Sochet’s Satan was sexy and scary, and Sochet danced the line between the two with grace."

    • review of The Last Days of Judas Iscariot


  • "Sochet’s performance as Satan is unbeatable.  His strength is not as physical as it is mentally intoxicating."       

    • review of The Last Days of Judas Iscariot


  • "Sochet, as Preston, handles himself with skill and poignant dignity."

    • Backstage review of Flight of the Penguin 

  • "Sochet, the ultimate geek, was delightful, endearing and funny."

    • The Tolucan Times review of Flight of the Penguin


  • "Summer nerd in residence, Sochet acquits himself very well, thank you."

    • Park LaBrea News/Beverly Press review of Flight of the Penguin


  • LA Weekly Best Ensemble Nomination for Flight of the Penguin


  • "Splendid performances from the versatile 14 member cast…"

    • Backstage review of The Chinese Massacre  


  • "As for the actors, they simply could not be better, jumping from role to role….  This review will simply list their names, after each of which you may insert your adjective of choice:  terrific, splendid, amusing, delightful, charming, forceful … Take your pick to describe the work of Jack Sochet, et al."

    • Stage Scene LA review of The Chinese Massacre


  • 14 astounding actors playing over 30 parts… The actors, who pick up cues with the speed of a prairie wildfire, are uniformly great. …Jack Sochet… et al deserve mention for handling a multitude of roles and tricky accents.

    • of The Chinese Massacre


  • "Sochet was a notable performer."

    • review of Henry V


  • "Sochet contributed an excellent performance."

    • Review of “Antony and Cleopatra” Julie Halpern


  • "Sochet, who plays a shy effeminate man, is excellent in his role."

    • review of The Sailor Home from the Sea


  • "Best Supporting Actor – Sochet in the role of Mikhail Nazarov, Bard College’s “Children of the Sun”. A refreshing youthful personality with the most extraordinary stage aplomb even in the most unexpected situations.  One actor to watch closely for future developments."

    • “The Year In The Theatre”   Daily Freeman Preview


  • "A Tour de Force."

    • Review of  Sochet in “A Poster of the Cosmos” by Jeanne Beauvais


The Jack Nicholson Award – UCLA School of Theatre


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